The “Good things come to good people coin®” is an idea of L’exsellent bvba.
L'exsellent is a wholesaler in promotional gifts, promotional clothing and Christmas packages.
The idea for the “Good things come to good people coin®” arose during an evening of playing cards with friends.
Lex Schröer, business manager and founder of L'exsellent, has used this saying many times. The idea of the coin followed on from the wish to let as many people as possible know that good things come to good people.
Just months later, the trade mark was registered and further development could start.
The fact is that you often want to give something to someone because that person has done something good for you. And then it gets hard, almost everyone has everything already... Our coins are something almost no-one already has, and everyone can use them for what they are made for, namely passing them on to another person who has done something good for you in turn.

Particularly for companies with private clients the “Good things come to good people coin®” is a unique concept in order to gain more recognition for your company name.
We would be happy to explain it all to you during a personal discussion.